Appointment of Supervisory Board

Whether in big concerns or in medium-sized companies: supervisory and advisory boards are an integral part of a successful company. Both matter especially when the credibility of the company to the outside is concerned. Through their prevailing function they also have the responsibility to contribute to reach successfully the company’s long-term targets.

Therefore the appointment of such a committee requires greatest attentiveness.

But who can contribute decisively to the success of a company?
In this case, not only professional competence matters. Crucial, especially for the medium-sized companies, is: who has the best network or who completes an existing network in an ideal way to open up new perspectives and development potentialities for the company?

Apart from the know-how of a personnel consultant, it’s essential to have an experienced networker – empeiria. Thanks to the cross-sectoral networks of our consultants, we not only help to find suitable new members of supervisory and advisory boards, but also to found new committees. Of course, we also assess existing supervisory and advisory boards and support them in focussing their work much better on the company’s targets.


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